Man juggles pickaxes!

Today you can see the Zane's circus to see macho mike  juggle pickaxes!

Now you can go to Zane's Circus to see Macho mike juggle Pickaxes, Kelly Tell shoot a arrow at a target on a tightrope, and Quick-hand Bob catch a bullet and more! We also have elephant and tiger trainers and Escape artists! Not only that we have great performers, but during between acts you can listen to all the hit music of today. Also we sell popcorn, cookies, peanuts,biscuits, water, and soda! All of this great and wonderful fun will take place at Tardis park .

  • Zane's Circus start on May 14th  and shows go on from 4:00 to 5:oo and 6:00 to 7:oo.
  • Admission is only 10.00 for adults and 5.00 for kids under age of 10.
  • This circus is ready for you! Why would you not want to go?

You can also go to our website www.https://Zane's or call us to pre order tickets. Call 555-75 78

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