Georgetown judge convicted of selling guns to felon, pleads not guilty

Judge Tim Wright (above)

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Judge Tim Wright pleaded not guilty to the federal weapons charges against him.  Prosecutors say he bought 7 guns, said they were for himself, and then sold them to a felon.  Following the waive of his arraignment, the court has now ordered that he do not travel anywhere outside of Travis, Williamson and Hays counties. The judge of this case has taken his passport, Concealed Handgun License and all the weapons in his residence, and Wright has been suspended from his occupation as a judge.  His lawyer says that he is innocent, and the trial will continue.

Clark County School District Substitute Teacher Accused of Sex Acts with Minor

Kelly Hoffman (above)

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Kelly Hoffman, a substitute teacher for Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada, was arrested and charged with luring a child, statutory sexual seduction and sex act by adult school employee with a student.  Hoffman, a 48 year old adult male, met the 15 year old girl weeks prior to the incident, and he told her she was pretty and asked for her number.  Hoffman told her that he was 42 years old, and the girl told him that she was 17 years old, and on April 14, 2015, Hoffman invited the girl over to his apartment.  She snuck out of her house and went to his apartment that day, and she said that he answered the door naked and led her to a bedroom, where they performed sexual acts.  Hoffman offered her $120 afterwards, which she declined, and then went home and told her mother what happened.  Hoffman admitted to everything when the police took him in for questioning, stating he was intoxicated at the time.  As of now, Hoffman has lost his job as a substitute teacher for CCSD and has been arrested.

17-year-old girl from Connecticut forced to undergo chemotherapy

Cassandra C. (above)

Cassandra C., a 17-year-old high school student from Connecticut, was forced by the Supreme Court to undergo chemotherapy that herself and her mother did not want her to receive.  She was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma back in September 2014, and with no chemotherapy, there was a near-certain chance of death within the next 2 years. Cassandra and her mother not want Cassandra to have the toxins from chemotherapy put in her body, and they went to the state Supreme Court over this issue.  They lost the case, and after missing several appointments for the chemotherapy, the child welfare agency was granted temporary custody of Cassandra, in which they took her to the hospital to undergo chemotherapy.  Most recently, Cassandra has finished her chemotherapy and is being released from the hospital to go home, which she is extremely pleased about.

The university I hope to attend

University of Southern California (USC) Logo

The above photo is the logo for the University of Southern California, the university that I hope to attend after graduating high school.  USC has a very strict cheating policy, which is:

If an instructor has reason to believe, based on observation or other evidence, that a student has violated the university academic integrity standards, he/she should make reasonable attempts to meet with the student and discuss the alleged violation and the evidence which supports the charge. When necessary, such discussion may be conducted by telephone or electronic mail. In this discussion every effort should be made to preserve the basic instructor/student relationship. The student should be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint.

Because the student may contest the allegation, he/she must be allowed to attend all classes and complete all assignments until the complaint is resolved. However, students may not withdraw from a course in which they have committed or have been accused of committing an academic integrity violation.

If the instructor believes that either cheating or plagiarism has taken place during the final examination period, or if an earlier academic integrity matter is still in process, the instructor should assign a mark of MG and select the appropriate comment from the drop down box. A final grade will be entered when the academic integrity case is resolved.

Even if the student admits the violation and accepts the punitive grade assigned by the instructor, the matter must be reported to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards so that any pattern of misconduct by a given student can be monitored. An official form is available for this purpose under the University Governance sections in SCampus in Appendix B, or by calling Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards at (213) 821-7373.

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