Rivernie Rabit

This animal has been endangered since 2003.

Number of Rivernie Rabits left is 250 and they are still decling.

The reason why they are going exeint is because of habit loss and degradation,also hunting for sport and by farm workers, accidental trapping these are the main threats to Rivernie Rabits.

Rivernie Rabits love to eat Bogoe bush an Afrcian plant.

This endemic speices is only found along the rivers in Nama and Succulent Karoo areas, in the central and small Karoo,of South Afrcia.

This is how we can help the Rivernie Rabits donate to the Rivernie Conservation Programme.

The Rivernie Rabit is one of the worlds rarest and most endangered mammals and is South Afrcia's most endangered wildlife species.Criticare Endangered since 2003,this rare rabit is an important species for measuring ecosystem health.

Help save these animals.

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