Industrial Revolution ,Morgan Hancock, 3rd Hour

The Industrial Revolution brought many great inventions and job opportunities to the US. Not only did it build the past with new ideas and findings, but also the future. An invention from the Industrial Revolution that have made a big impact is the telegraph. The telegraph uses morse code that is made up of dots and dashes to send a message to someone far away. After many years and remaking, this led us to the telephone. This made it easier to contact someone far away without much hassle. "The ability to speak and be heard instantly was not just a convenience, but allowed for the rapid exchange of information and ideas and was a significant reason for the growth of the United States that followed in the next century." Another invention is the train; trains used to run on coal and wood which was very expensive and made lots of pollution. "Replenishing the woodyards at the depots soon became impossible. Train crews eventually took to stopping along their route to chop and load wood as it was needed." Finally, they made them better by making them run on steam, this was less expensive and made less pollution. When they ran on steam, they got the job done better, faster and cheaper .



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