My Aspiration: Become Interpol Criminal Intelligence Officer

When we think crime, we think of murder, possession of drugs, and theft. Not to say these crimes are not dangerous, however, there is more to the world of crime than we know. These crimes are much more dangerous, and though they may seem like victim-less crimes, they are not. These crimes are much more dangerous than a regular murder or stealing a few items, these crimes are international operative crimes. The Organization made to stop these crimes is Interpol. These International crimes include the international distribution of drugs, which takes drugs to all corners of the world, empowering the more local crimes and criminals, such as gangs and drug possession, murder and all related. Interpol also takes down counterfeit manufacturers because again, while this may seem like a victim-less crime, when someone buys a counterfeit product, they are supporting terrorists, because terrorists use counterfeit products as one of their ways of income. A final example is the international human trafficking; tons of women being kidnapped and sold into prostitution, never to know what normal life ever will be ever again. The people controlling this operation also make it on the Interpol wanted list. I aspire to help put an end to all of these heinous crimes by becoming a criminal intelligence officer for Interpol, a position responsible for informing the General Secretariat (Head of Interpol) about the different crime statuses in the different nations within Interpol, as well as create the general layout for operations involving armed force.

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