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By Nafis Conix

George Washington Carver:My Research

I choose George Washington Carver Because I think he my a lot of good products that I use today.Like Salted Peanut,Butter from Peanut Milk,Pancake Flour,Dry Coffee,Bisque Powder ,Caramel,Laundry Soap.So as Rubbing Oil, Iron Tonic Tannic ,Acid Medicine,similar to Castor Oil,Emulsion for Bronchitis,Castor Substitute,Goiter,Treatment,Oils, Emulsified w/mercury for Venereal Disease (2),Quinine,Laxatives,Shampoo and etc.And he even went to college (tuskegee university).And I just think he is a very important and famous man , that why I choose him.