Hooked On School Days

Network in Action

The entire Quebec program to stop school dropouts

As we said in our oral, the social issue of school dropouts touches everyone and we can all do something to help students to stay in school until they get their diploma. I found an amazing program that involves the entire Quebec in this issue. It is the Hooked On School Days program. Almost every region participates : Laval, Montreal, Lanaudiere, Mauricie, Outaouais, etc. Every region has its specific program, but they all work together to establish strategies to decrease the rate of school dropouts. For example, if we look somewhere close to us, Montreal's program is called "Réseau réussite Montréal" and is directed by Andrée Mayer-Périard.

This program's goal is to motivate students to stay in school until they obtain their diploma, of course, but it is not just about this. Their purpose is to inform and talk about the risk of dropping out of school, about effort and perseverance and about the importance of having a diploma. But mostly, they want to mobilize the community to encourage every child or teenager because this issue is everyone's responsability and our students need to be supported.

They even have a very significant symbol that represents their vision of this issue with a message of hope. It is a green and white ribon, as you can see on the image. The white represents a combination of all the colors which symbolizes the population that works together to help the students. The green represents the youth who need encouragements. The two ribbons represent the union of the community and the students. The look of the symbol of infinity is a message of hope.

Finally, this organization has many strategies to achieve their goal, but the most important is without a doubt the JPS "Journée de la persévérance scolaire". This activity is celebrate in all the regions involved in the program every year in the third week of February. This year, it was celebrate from February 16th to 20th. The goal of this activity is to inform students, encourage them and to raise awareness among community.

I think this organization is a beautiful way to show how this issue is important for every region of our province and how they can all work together to solve this problem.

Andréanne Boismenu

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