Inkscape Mini Project: Character


  • The project prompt was to create a character on Inkscape while fulfilling the following criteria: Object->Path with Node Editing, Modular Design, Object Alignment, adding a stroke, grouping and union.
  • My character is of a snail named Chuck.
  • I didn't have a comprehensive plan at the beginning; instead, I first explored the different tools in Inkscape and made cool shapes that eventually came together as an animal.
  • I made a snail, because the shapes I made subtly reminded me of it, so I decided to seal its fate by finishing it as the animal.


  • My process consisted of lots of experimentation, since Inkscape was an unfamiliar program and I wanted to learn more about its different functions. I stuck with what looked interesting and continued with that process.
  • The problems I faced mostly stemmed from unfamiliarity with the program. I didn't know if some functions were possible on here and didn't how to execute other functions.
  • I overcame the problems by asking people, peers and instructors, and searching the solutions up online.


  • My next iteration would probably be of a sea creature who's best pals with Chuck (the snail). So, it'd be another animal character, but it'd be a totally different animal that lives in a different environment.
  • I liked the freedom in the the process of making the character in Inkscape. It could've been anything, and I enjoyed that the project allowed for lots of creativity.
  • I would've made this project better by giving Chuck a nice, scenic background for him to enjoy life in. It would probably be near an aquatic environment, so that he could interact with his sea friend more easily.