This is the Paris flag. The colors were taken from the military that wore cockades. Their cockades were blue and red. And they used white as the background. So they put the three colors together.

Summer in Paris is just great. When it is summer there the climate sometimes get to 40 degrees. At night the nights are much more cooler than the weather during the day. So if you think of traveling there you should take some clothes for summer and some for winter but not so warm.

A Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is a great hotel in Paris.  Since it is a five-star hotel it has the best luxury in Monaco, it was founded in 1836. It has a casino and a restaurant in it. Each room has a little furniture, Plasma TV, kitchen, and a giant and comfortable bed. This is there website

This is "The Royal Monceau", it is one of the best hotels in Paris too! The description I read about it says it is "Less of a hotel and more of a love story foundation". It is a gorgeous and colorful palace.  Their website is

£440 Hôtel La Trémoille is a five-star hotel in Paris.

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