Poem Glossary

thirst-to have a strong desire

gaunt-bleak, desolate, or grim, as places or things

strife-1. vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, or antagonism 2. a quarrel, struggle, or clash.3. competition or rivalry

yearning-deep longing, especially when accompanied by tenderness or sadness

pulse-noun1. the regular throbbing of the arteries, caused by the successive contractions of the heart, especially as may be felt at an artery, as at the wrist.2. a single pulsation, or beat or throb, of the arteries or heart.3. the rhythmic recurrence of strokes, vibrations, or undulations.

swaying-1. to move or swing to and fro, as something fixed at one end or resting on a support.2. to move or incline to one side or in a particular direction.3. to incline in opinion, sympathy, tendency,  etc.

haunches-1. the hip.2. the fleshy part of the body about the hip.3. a hindquarter of an animal.

boughs-1. a branch of a tree, especially one of the larger or main branches.

chafe-1. to wear or abrade by rubbing2. to make sore by rubbing3. to irritate; annoy

unheeding-verb 1. to give careful attention to: He did not heed the warning.verb (used without object)2. to give attention; have regard.noun3.careful attention; notice; observation (usually with give or take).

unrest-1. lack of rest; a restless, troubled, or uneasy state; disquiet: the unrest within himself.2. disturbance or turmoil; agitation: political unrest.

swept-verb1. simple past tense and past participle of sweep adjective1. (of a sword guard) made up of curved bars.sweep[ sweep ]verb (used with object) [swept, sweeping.]1. to move or remove (dust, dirt, etc.) with or as if with a broom, brush, or the like.

drowse-verb (used without object) [drowsed, drowsing.]1. to be sleepy or half-asleep.2. to be dull or sluggish.verb (used with object) [drowsed, drowsing.]1. to pass or spend (time) in drowsing (often followed by away): He drowsed away the morning.

pensioners-noun1. a person who receives or lives on a pension.2. a hireling.3. a student at Cambridge University who pays for his or her commons and other expenses, and is not supported by any foundation.

eclipse-noun1. Astronomya. the obscuration of the light of the moon by the intervention of the earth between it and the sun (lunar eclipse) or the obscuration of the light of the sun by the intervention of the moon between it and a point on the earth (solar eclipse)b. a similar phenomenon with respect to any other planet and either its satellite or the sun.c. the partial or complete interception of the light of one component of a binary star by the other.2. any obscuration of light.3. a reduction or loss of splendor, status, reputation, etc.: Scandal caused the eclipse of his career.