Persuasive Essay

By: Luis Rodriguez

There are many bad persons that affect our society.  For that reason, the world needs good people for our safety and for a better future society.

In the world are many criminals, because of that we need good people for our safety.  For example, bad people hurt many innocents bye killing, extortion, kidnapping, and by many other ways.  Furthermore, now a days, kids are always going to the parks and other public places were they are not secure do to bad people vandalizing.  High crime rate affects our population because bad people will kill innocents for just a few cents.  Our safety is first and we can fight crime with good people.

Kids follow our footsteps.  For this reason, the world needs good people for a better future society.  As said before, kids follow our footsteps and we need to show them a good example so that in the future they become good people in our world.  With good people kids would be more responsible for their acts.  If kids do not see as many bad people but see more good people, then there would be less vandalism.  For the worlds improvement in the future, we need good people.

With good people, there will be more safety for families.  In that future, kids will follow the good bath.  Today I ask you to be more responsible and be/show a better example for the ones that follow your footsteps.

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern,

I have known Brandon Mills since we were in High School and I would like to recommend him because he has the potential to be a successful engineer.

Brandon Mills and I, were on a program called introduction to engineering design, and throughout the years he has shown effort and enthusiasm to become an outstanding engineer .  He has shown improvement and qualification for the job.  During the program he showed good imagination to create quality work and to set high standards for him self.  He is a leader and a qualified, hands on worker, which I think, are key things for becoming a good engineer.  With his social skills he can make good contacts for succeeding in this career.

After all, I am confident that he is qualified for any position he is place in.

Yours truly,

Luis Rodriguez

Letter of Intent

Rodriguez, Luis

28310 Rice Plate

El Paso TX, 79910

May 18, 2015

Jorge Garcia,  HDR Architecture Inc.

12345 pearl road dr.

El Paso TX, 79910

Dear Jorge Garcia

For the past few years, my field of study has always being architecture.  I think I am well qualified for this job because when I was in high school I was in a program called Introduction to Engineering Design, on that program we created blue prints, houses cars and many other things that will be helpful to succeed in this career.  I like to create new perspectives of things such as houses and many others.

As an architect, I would like to work making and creating blue prints that will be beneficial in our society, and for our future environment.  I've always like to work to improve our environment, when I was little, I like to help others with any outdoor duties. This career will fit perfectly in my satisfaction to my field of study.  I am qualified and ready for this career.

Thank you for your time.


Luis Rodriguez.


Luis Rodriguez


2525 Pebble Hills

Objective: My goal is to become a professional architect and become an expert on the developing of blue prints.


Elementary- Clendenin Elementary, grades 1-5 (2006-2011)

Middle- Sun ridge and Puentes Middle, Grades 6-8(2012-2014)

High School-Pebble Hills, grades 9-12(2014-2018)

From middle school through high school, received A honor roll.


From 2014 till this year

Restaurant waiter

My job is to attend with food and beverage to costumers at my parents restaurant.


In High School I was on a program, that teach us how to create blue prints and create houses, trucks, and many other things.

Organization skills, and networking skills.

Job Application

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