Industrial Revolution | Jacob Morelli | First Hour

The time that the industrial revolution took place in was all about a time for innovation. Really, that’s why it was named the industrial revolution, it was the economy growth with all the great and marvelous new things that people had to offer. One of the great people who really stood out with the word innovation was Thomas Edison. As he once said, “There is no substitute for hard work,” and he really stood up to his quote, creating countless inventions (some even specially made for the government) and earning over a thousand distinct patents. Most people know him for inventing the first long lasting incandescent light bulb, but he also created things like the phonograph and motion picture cameras. He wasn't the only inventor though, there were many others. One overlooked pair that are highly famous for their work but not often considered with the industrial revolution is the Wright brothers and their plane. A lot of people have wanted to fly over the years, probably since the dawn of time, however the Wright brothers actually got to work and started inventing, inspired by a toy they called the “bat” that flew on it’s own. Overall, the industrial revolution was a revolution in technology that would keep on happening and affect us in our everyday lives. The lightbulb is a practical way to see in the dark or just light up a room to see a piece of paper for class, among MANY other uses, and the airplane that the Wright Brothers invented is a common transportation method now for long distances around the globe, as well as a good way to carry cargo. A lot of other things affect us now too, although it would take way too long to list!

Sorry about the cliche choice of video, it just seemed helpful. :)

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