An Introspective Look at the Debt in the USA

Presented by J. Darah, N. Sullivan, and A. Parlette

The US Government owes money to many different entities. As seen in this circle graph, the US owes money mostly to US Individuals and Institutions. Second, being the Social Security Trust Funds. All Foreign Nations other than, China, Japan, UK, and Brazil, constitute as the third. Surprisingly, the US does not owe much to Oil Exporters compared to the national debt.

We need to cut deficit spending to save America.

In order to effectively cut deficit spending in America, we must stop borrowing money we don't have, and stop importing more than we export. According to, we import three times as much as we export to China. In relation to the past US Financial history, cutting down on unnecessary imports has been known to reduce the amount of money spent. According to, it is more profitable for US companies to import from foreign countries because the labor there is cheaper than it is here.

According to, the US Imports three times more than they export.

Welfare Should be Abolished

In order to reduce spending, some programs that we normally rely on, cost the US far too much money to sustain. A great example of this is Welfare spending. This graph found on, shows how welfare spending has dramatically increased over the course of 71 years. Work Relief spending has completely disappeared from the American economy since the end of the 1940's.

According to this graph, medical spending has greatly increased since

Stop Immigration

The United States needs to slowly reduce immigration to a point where it will no longer exists.  By doing this, the money that goes to them for health care and other benefits would be saved for further lowering the national debt.  After immigration does not exist any longer, that would open up more jobs for Americans, keeping our money in the country.  According to, since the last major overhaul of the U.S. immigration system in 1986, the federal government has spent an estimated $186.8 billion on immigration enforcement.

As you can see, immigrants cost the US $9.8 trillion in government benefits.

If you don't take action
now it will be too late

The US National Debt is increasing at an extreme rate and needs to be stopped. If we don't take action now, apocalyptic events will surely unfold! Every day we wait, is every day wasted. Our main goal now is to spread awareness of this plight to all Americans of our generation.  THE END.

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