Itis February we got told by mom that we where going to get a new puppy and he was a German shepherd. My mom (dawn) asked me what do do what to name him and I say max I told my mom I like the name maxx and she did to she told me to ask dady so I did and he liked the name to. We where heading to hoisting with my dad's friend his name is (curt) I called my grandma her name is (Nyla) she side that we don't need any more dogs and she was right. Grandma asked me what it was so I said his name is maxx mom dad & me like that name and she agreed me I told her that he was a German shepherd.But my mom was at work and me and my dad where in jousting with (curt) his friend!my dad I don't think water to leave I was driving him crazy asking him every minute. We'll we finally made it to oschlens and I saw maxx he was so cute I wanted to eat him but my mom said I was not allowed to.

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