New England, NineTeenth-century

two of the main concept and key words of transcendentalism are


The transcendentalists thought of beauty as eternal, because a mere glimpse of it was enough to make them drop everything and simply take in what they heard or saw with neither motive nor intention. I think the beauty in related to the idea of Nature, Nature is a form of eternal beauty, It can change in the time but never be distance from the idea of beauty.

About the Idealism, the belief in a different ideas.                                                          The idea of freedom was almost always short-lived, they felt they should ground their idealistic practices in a consistent theory. Their reasoning may have been sound, but their attempt to ground their practices in an adequate theory had the opposite effect. The Idea of body :In the Transcendentalism it was coupled with a sense of metaphysics. They believed that there was a higher law that guided the way society and its institutions worked.

Trust in idealism gave consciousness, rational principles, and human values the status of omnipotent governing powers.

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