My legacy at Allan drive


In my eyes I am an interesting and creative person. I think I am a creative person because I love art and drawing. I also said I am an interesting person, and I think that because I love different things as in some of the tv shows I watch or movies, even the books I like to read are different. In other peoples eyes they said that I am a sweet and caring girl. I guess you can say I am those things but I also really love dark things like horror movies. One way I choose to express myself is through my clothing I usually wear black or dark colours because it shows who I am.  That's how I show people who I am and how I act.

Different persona

If I could potray a different persona I wouldn't be a shy and quiet girl. I would be more loud and outgoing and I wouldn't be afraid to be myself. I would also like to be smarter and more confident about myself because I am currently having trouble with that. In conclusion this is who I would want to be if I could potray a different persona.

Legacy at Allan drive

At Allan drive I guess people see me as a creative, artistic and shy girl. But I would like to be seen as a more loud and outgoing person. I'm not sure what me legacy at Allan drive is but I guess you can say I can always make someone smile or laugh, even if they are having a really bad day. That is my legacy at Allan drive.

Digital footprint

Most of my legacy is represented with Instagram. My Instagram account is filled with funny pictures, pictures of my friends and pictures of my family. So I guess you can say I am funny, friendly and caring because of all the things I post on there. I also like to post pictures of stuff I like as in tv shows, movies or books and that represents who I am. That is my digital footprint.


I think I am nerdy because of some of the things I like. One example is the tv shows I watch, like doctor who and sherlock. Some of the books I read and movies I watch are nerdy too. Also just like my dad we both like superhero movies and comic books. One of the main reasons of why I think I am nerdy is because I love reading and I do it all the time. This was just some of the reasons why I think I am nerdy.


I am artistic because I love art! It is one of my favourite things to do. (other than reading.) I always draw or doodle because if I don't it just feels weird. I also love painting and making stuff out of recycled material. Whenever I draw I listen to music because it gives me inspiration. One of my favourite things to draw is people from cartoons or horror movie stuff. This is why I am artistic.


I think I am shy because if someone were to talk to me I am usually very quiet while answering. Sometimes I won't even talk. In school if I have to present something I usually have trouble because I don't really like talking in front of people. The time I'm usually the quietest is when someone I don't really know or see to often because I don't know what to say or what to do so I don't really talk. Those were some reasons of why I am shy.

My quote

I chose this quote because it shows that I am different than others and I am well I guess you could say abnormal. When I found this quote I  immediately loved it because of two reasons, one being that this quote reminded me of how I am, and the second reason being that it was said buy my favourite movie director.  Another reason for why I chose is because Halloween is my favourite holiday, so when I went looking for a quote the word 'Halloween' caught my attention. This is why I chose this quote.

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