Childhood Cancer

The term cancer was first coned by the Greek physician Hippocrates, a tumor had reminded him of a crab with a central body and extensions at the edges  where the cancer invades and spreads. Cancer was believed to be caused by an excess of black bile. Cancer is the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of your body. It is also a disorder of the body's own cells. Cells usually only divide to replace cells that are damaged or dead. Cells can be damaged in a way that allows them to escape these strict controls. Uncontrolled multiplication of these damaged cells lead to formation of a tumor. There are many different types of cancers in the world. The major types of cancers are Sarcoma, Melanoma, Lymphoma, and leukemia. Cancer is the number one disease killer of all children. About 8,600 children in the united states were diagnosed with cancer in 2001. Although death rates have decreased and survival has increased for most childhood cancers in time. The causes of childhood cancer is largely unknown. Cancer in children and in adults are different young patients have a a more advanced stage of cancer when diagnosed. Cancer in children is rare because it is so difficult to identify past exposure levels in children. Children with AISDs have a more increased risk of developing certain cancers.  Cancer has become a curable for some and chronic illness for others. A second cancer may occur purely as a chance event. Being aware that you have any type of cancer will protect you from a lot more diseases. for a successful strategy, those who are at risk must be informed that they are at risk of cancer. Understanding the causes of childhood cancer and possible ways to prevent this disease has grown tremendously. Although there have been significant breakthroughs in the treatment of some cancers. One only  cause of breast cancer is ionizing radiation. There is no absolute cure for childhood cancer.  Hopefully in the future we will find one.

Cancer matters in the world because it is one of the top diseases humans die from in the world. Cancer is a real pain I don't think humans should go through, but yet they do. There are no cures to the causes of cancer doctors have been trying many things to find cures but have not yet. In the future hopefully doctors and scientist will have found some type of cure for cancer.

St. Jude's children's hospital is one of the hospitals leading the world to understanding cancer. This organization uses the support they receive from Univision to reach Hispanic radio listeners. Angel Esperanza pledges the support is helping St. Jude fight childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases.

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