Senior High School

The IV-Einstein (Sec.1)
In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.

It was our Educational Tour in our last destination at Water Park Cavite. After swimming going back to the bus :""> A blast of happiness and great memories :)

It was the 10th Inter School Challenge held at Saint Mark International Academy.The Men's Basketball Team, Men's and Women's Volleyball Team :) After Game Selfie :"">

The Progeny Ardent Dance Crew (PADC) , we are the representative of Modern Dance ^^ 2nd place :-D Tinalo kami ng FEU :/ Pero still great :)))

The Philippine Festival Dancers :)) Face Paint pa moreeeeeeeeeeeeee :""> Love it ^^ 2nd place pa din :)))) HAHAHHAHA :)))

The 4thyear Einstein Fashion Show :) I was the host of that event ^^

JS Promenade <3 Love Love Love :)))

It was our Teachers Day Celebration :) And again I was one of the host of that event ^^

PAS Foundation Day ^^ Horror Booth :)

The Ms. Bebot 2014 :-D It was the most happiest event ever of the school ! Yung mga panahong mga lalaki naming classmate rumampa . Yung panahong hindi magkasya yung mga suot nila , yung mga kurtina sa classroom ginawang gown . Effort kung effort :) HAHHAHAHA By year level ang nag co compete ! HAHAHHAA Siyempre from 4thyear ang nanalo :) HAHAHHA And I was the host of that event ^

Graduation :'( Thanks God ! Naka survive rin :) HAHAHA After all the challenges,Exams,quizzes ,Recitation ,Projects and Assignments :""> Kaiyak pero very proud :) First Honorable Mention <3 Thanks God !