Talk to someone if you feel the thoughts of suicide or the feeling of not being wanted.

However, if you feel the need or you want the help need then, get in contact with someone you know or a help center.

Reach out for help to a trusted adult, there are many people that want to help you get through this stage and support you through such a difficult time.

Emotional pain can lead to these effects and the pain that leads to it changes by each person so, you never know what could lead to this occasion.

Take a hand, their are people that might be going through the same experience as you but, death is not the answer.

Some things can distort your thinking and have you think suicide is the only answer. This pain could last but, suicide is the last resort that you'll regret later on and be happy you made a better decision.

Your life counts, don't keep these feelings to yourself.

Whatever you are experiencing, their is a chance you will get through these feelings its just a obstacle in your life that you are dealing with at the moment that you'll soon get over.

Recognize dangerous signs and talks about suicide, in this video it explains how serious this cause is.

Life gets better , it's not as bad as you think you'll be okay.

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