My European Exploration

By: Explorer Samantha Simmons

Why should we choose you?

Why would I be the best explorer to go on this exploration. I would be the best explorer because I can get the job done better than any other explorer. I guarantee you that I will be able to find a Northwest passage for France. I hope that the leader of my country, King Francis the first, will fund my expedition.

What country am I from and what country is going to fund me?

I am from France and I hope that France will sponsor me. France should sponsor me because I am a friend of Francis the 1rst and I believe that if he sponsors me, then I will be able to bring him back what he asks for. I want to make my King happy so that my family will have a good relationship with him. I also feel that he will be happy if Ii bring back gold and if I spread Christianity.

What is my country going to look for?

The country I am from is France, is looking for a northwest passage. I, personally, am looking for furs to make coats, gold to be rich, and to spread Christianity so that we can make the world more Christian. I feel like if I spread Christianity as well as find a northwestern route.

What other countries will probably be exploring at this time also?

Some other countries that will probably be exploring also are Spain and England. Even if they are there also, I will make sure that my explorers and I get what we need and not get off task. I will make sure that someone is watching out so that Spain or England don't attack us while we are in the middle of the exploration. I am going to be prepared if anybody tries to attack us.

How will I handle conflict with other people? Also, how will you overcome obstacles?

I will handle conflict with American Indians and other countries by assigning my other men to guard us to make sure that we don't get ambushed.  I believe that I will come over obstacles like storms and other people not agreeing with me. I will handle unexpected situations like storms by making sure that we have a very protective shelter and food to keep us from starving. I have also had experience with driving a boat so I will not drive it out of control. If someone does not agree with me, I will try to work out the situation.

When will you leave?

I plan to leave in 1543 in the month of July.

Where are you going to go?

I plan to land in Virginia because I believe that I can find gold and furs there. I also think that there will be a lot of people to convince to switch their religion. I am going to try to switch people to Christianity while I am in Virginia. I am also going to  try to claim the land for France because I believe that the king will be pleased with me if I do this.

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