Round Table Pizza

"The Last Honest Pizza"

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Restaurant History

    In the year 1959 William R. Larson, commonly known as Bill Larson, had a mere $1,800, but it was put to a cause that would bring in so much more. He put his money towards Round Table Pizza Parlor. The business soon grew, and the demand was extraordinary, and by 1962 there were three pizza parlors open. That is when they decided to franchise their business. 45 years later they have franchised in over 150 groups and are very successful.

First Round Table Pizza:

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Reasons for Success

    Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for Round Table Pizza's success, having over 400 restaurants nationwide and being the 5th largest pizza chain, is due to "innovative pizzas, gourmet flavors and menu innovation", maybe the "tasty original thin pizza crust, zesty tomato sauce and bountiful and innovative fresh topping", or perhaps the ingenious founder, Bill Larson and his strategic business moves. Overall it costs $360,000 to $775,000to open your own Round Table Pizza restaurant. Although over at least one third of a million dollarsis now needed to start a new Round Table, Bill Larson started with only a small saving's of $1,800. The first restaurant was opened in Menlo Park, California in 1959. More than 45 years later Round Table Pizza Parlor has expanded to over 500 operating joints and have more than 150 franchise groups.

Restaurant Locations

     Although the majority of restaurant locations are in the United Sates, specifically California, Round Table Pizza has expanded to Bahrain with a five country development agreement. Inside America there are over 400 locations, on the west, including in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and California, with the majority of them being in California.

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