Writing Journal 25\03\14

Dear Mr. Jairo,

Hope you liked chapter two. The picture I decided would be the cover of the book. It’s kind of mysterious and beautiful so I think that if someone would to see this book they would be like “hey what’s this thing with wings doing in the forest?” Yeah so that's why I put it there. And well as for the picture of right now…. Well its supposed to be Violet. You see I showed my bro the pictures that I got and he liked this one so…. Yeah. Well you think that should be her or should I show you the other options?

Chapter 3

The room was gorgeous. There were white leather seats in what looked like the living room. There were several black loveseats and like five small glass tables. I was too busy to notice that there was another presence in the room. Suddenly someone cleared their throat. I turned around. There a door was a woman. She looked in her early thirties, caramel colored hair, hazel eyes and a warm smile.

“Hello. Really good to know that you got here safe Jasmine. This must be your daughter right?” she asked. Her voice was soft. Mom just nodded as an answer.

“Well sweetheart I’m Elizabeth Blackspot leader of this group. If you have any worries or difficulties you can go to me okay?”

I nodded.

After that she showed mom and me our bedroom. Moms was in the second floor mine was in the fifth. It was big. It had a king size bed with purple sheets. The walls were painted in violet and there was a whole glass wall with an amazing view. You could see the mountains, tress and the sky.

I sat on my bed and someone nocked on my door. I opened it. There was a boy there. He had red hair a few freckles and white skin.

“Hey….uh… Elizabeth said to get changed and be in the reunion room in ten. It’s in the basement. Oh and buy the way I’m Paul,” he said sticking out a hand.

I grabbed his hand and shook it.



“Yup,” I said nodding.

“Okay” Paul said laughing

I closed the door once he left. What do I use? But what am I saying! I didn't bring cloth. I walked around the room and found two doors.

The closet, I thought.

I opened the doors and stood there shocked. There was cloth there but they weren’t mine. I closed the doors and found a note stuck. It said:

Dear Ms. Rays,

I know you must be confused because of the cloth. I know they are not yours, but they are knew and your size. This are now going to be your cloth since you need to blend in. once you finish your mission you are allowed to keep the clothing.

My deepest wished,

Elizabeth Blackspot

I opened the closet doors again and saw a bunch of skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts, tennis, heels, and jeans. I went through the variety of cloth until I picked a outfit. I choose black ripped skinny jeans, purple strapless shirt, a short white leather jacket and purple pumps. I let my hair loose. Suddenly I realized I was three minutes late and I dashed outside. I ran down the stairs until I reached he basement. I looked for the reunion room. I founded pretty quick cause there was a sign that said:

Meeting Room

i opened the door slowly trying not to make so much noise. But unfortunately the door made a squeaking noise and everyone turned around.

“Sorry?” I said in a nervous voice.

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