Colombia's capital

Geography & Climate

The national language is Spanish, spoken by the population of more than 46 million, South America's second largest. Colombians are a diverse people: mestizos account for about 58% of the population, whites 20%, blacks and mulatto about 18%, with members of indigenous groups and mixed black and indigenous people making up the remaining 4%.

life expectancy in Colombia is: Male 74.5, female 80.5 and total life expectancy is 77.5

this is one of the major landforms in Colombia.

this is one of the major cities in Colombia.

the average temperature in Colombia is

73.7 F

the average yearly rainfall is

100 inches (2,500 mm)


One of the major sports in Colombia is soccer.

The top three holidays celebrated in Colombia are Good Friday, Christmas, and All Saints Day.

Cumbias, salsa,and pop  are the three top music people listen to in Colombia.

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Yellow: represents all the gold found in the Colombian land. Blue: represents the seas on Colombia's shores. Red: represents the blood spilled for Colombia's independence.

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Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil are some of the allies of Colombia,Colombia's trading partners are the U.S, Mexico and Brazil.

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The Colombian conflict began approximately in 1964 or 1966 and is an ongoing low-intensity asymmetric war between the Colombian government, paramilitary groups, crime syndicates and left-wing guerrillas such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and the National Liberation Army (ELN), fighting each other to increase their influence in Colombian territory.