Cloud 9

Raiven Mortera & Kristian Belleza

Our design, titled "cloud 9," depicts the merriment and indescribable feeling of being high in the sky, as if one was a bird or a plane. The seemingly endless number of circles represent the fact that one has no limits when experiencing "cloud 9." The lines that accompany the circles represent the vast amount of possibilities and directions that life can point you in. The Rose graph symbolizes the unique qualities of our own individual natures. Finally, the Lemniscates signify the "trippy" aspects of "cloud 9" and adds our own personal flavor to the mix.

For our project, we experimented mathematically by calculating the exact locations of our different graphs in order to put them into a visual representation of our idea. While we were working on the assignment, we had utilized our skills for graphing and endured more experiences using swamps and other online applications. This project was enjoyable, it was very simple yet complex in the same manner, this project allowed us to work together to create a design to satisfy our creativity.

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