How History Influenced Star Wars

In Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker killed the children that were training to be jedi's were executed. He didn't want anymore jedi's to be alive. It's like world war 2 because Hitler tried to kill all the jewish people, and children were the ones that were mainly targeted since they were the future of the Jews.

Star Wars would have ideas based on Buddhism like Yoda would say to Anakin that reincarnation was true for jedi's. Buddhism believed that people were reincarnated if they acted good in their previuos life.

nazi uniforms were very similar to the ones stormtroopers wore in star wars. Colors and style were almost the same.

The Star War's cockpit for the planes that fought in the war were similar to the ones used in World War 2. The window used to see out of it close to being exact.

Pictures from Star Wars blog.

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