Snow Leopard

snow Leopards are large cats.


The Snow Leopard has beautiful dark grey spots with white underbelly. It is seventy six centimetres in height and one hundred and twenty seven centimetres in length and it's tail is the same length as it's body.


Snow leopards are found in mountains of central Asia. They can also be found at the base of mount Everest the highest mountain on Earth.


They shelter in high mountains, rocky places and dark caves.


Snow leopards are prey to men who hunt them for their soft beautiful coats.
They are predators. They eat Mountain goats , sheep ,  Yaks and horses.

life cycle

food web


Their Biome is rocky places with few plants and in  summer they live in the Alpine zone and in Winter they live in sub - alpine zone.

Interesting Facts

A snow leopard lives less than twenty-two years. It can leap twelve meters in one bound.


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