Business Intelligence And Cloud Computing – The Shifting Preferences Of Entrepreneurs

The question about migrating over to business intelligence solutions as the smarter and more effective means to taking informed decisions has been all but solved by now. The corporate world has accepted BI tools as being standard solution to its data management, sorting and processing needs. The effectiveness of these systems cannot be questioned in any way. But the recent developments in this field have created an even more effective and affordable means to take advantage of business intelligence capabilities – cloud computing. So the next question that now stands to be answered is – Will cloud-based business intelligence and business analytics systems become the wave of the future?

And the answer is – a resounding YES!

The reason why cloud based BI solutions are gaining in popularity is that they simply make sense. Quick and easy to deploy and much more affordable to hire, these services come packed with many features and advantages that make them a better choice. Aspects like analysis configurations, networking and data storage are easily managed by providers as part of the service package. Going for cloud business intelligence will take away all the hassles and maintenance responsibilities for the system off of your shoulders and leave behind only easy and effective data management and decision making – the reason why you went for using BI tools in the first place.

As early as 2011, almost 13% of enterprises had already made the decision to shift towards cloud based BI. The number has almost tripled this year. A recent survey has given extremely positive indications for the future of the industry, making cloud based business intelligence and analytics one of the fastest growing business management solutions. There is an estimated 84% increase in the number of users expected by the end of next year.

The solutions themselves have evolved manifolds over the years. The products and packages have become much more user friendly and customisable, making them even more attractive for companies looking for affordable solutions to their data management needs. Cloud based business intelligence has been designed to make the system accessible by all kinds of employees, whether they belong to the IT department or not. Technical expertise or proficiency is not necessary at all to be able to make effective use of these solutions. The power that data has is appealing because the information can propel more accurate reporting and better business decision-making.

Cloud business intelligence solutions are easily available on the internet, offered by various service providers at affordable rates. These companies not only provider better quality products but their services ensure all usability issues are dealt with expediently and quickly. Software as a service is a product model that is gaining immense popularity amongst the masses because of the obvious advantages that it offers. Combine that with the power of business intelligence and you will get a product worthy of your company’s data management and decision making requirements.

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