Hindu Gods and Goddesses

By Cassidy Evans

Hello, my name is Ganesh and my name Murugan . We are the son of Son of Shiva and Parvati. I, Ganesh, has an Elephant head and my vehicle is a mouse. I , Murugan, do not have an Elephant head and my vehicle is a peacock.


My name is Ganesh or you can call me Ganesha! My mother had name me, Ganesh [Ganesha] is made up of the word Gana and Isha. My big head is a symbolic of the wisdom of a Elephant. My trunk/nose is a symbol of my discrimination, most important quality necessary for spiritual progress. The little mouse whom I is supposed to ride upon is another enigmatic feature in my iconography.


My name is Kartikay ! I'm the brother of Ganesh and the son of Shiva and Parvati. I travel on a Peacock. I have a lot of common nick names. I' am the Hindu go of war and victory, and I'm the commander of gods. I have a sister name Ashok Shundari. I have two wife's one of them is Valli and the other one is Deivayanai. My six heads represent the six siddhis bestowed upon yogis over the course of their spiritual development. This corresponds to his role as the bestower of siddhis. I sometimes depicted with many weapons including: a sword, a javelin, a mace, a discus and a bow, although more usually I depicted wielding a Sakti or spear. My symbolism is based on weapons.

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