*Want to go somewhere any get wet everywhere? WELL GO TO SCHLITTERBAHN!!!

*Schlitterabhn can be located at Galvaston Island TX, Kansas City  Kansas, New Braunfels TX, South Padre Island TX, Corpus Christi TX.

*Ticket Prices- Gate Prices are $20- $80     Online Prices are $20- $80

*Schedule- Spring Season (March 7 - April 5)   Summer Season ( April 25 - September 20)

*There is free parking!!!

           The Verruckt!!

THE VERRUCKT is the tallest waterslide in the world!!! Its a 168 foot 7 inch structure and has a 50 foot drop.

       rides at Schlitterbahn!!

                       Click on the link below for rides at schlitterbahn

                Fun Facts!!

* Schlitterbahn has had an attendance of more than 1,000,000 people!

*Schlitterbahn is #1 on the most popular list.

*The very first Schlitterbahn park was made in New Braunfels in 1979.

*The word Schlitterbahn is german for slide or slippery road.

*Schlitterbahn's ride called The Dragon's Revenge was the worlds first uphill water coaster ride.

*Schlitterbahn opened its second park at South Padre Island.

If You want to have a terrific day come to schlitterbahn!!!!

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