powerlifting and upper body strength

by: mason samson josh mcconaha & jaiden robinson

Endurance and strength have specific definitions and roles for building optimum physical fitness. Endurance is defined as the "ability of body systems to gather, process and deliver oxygen" while strength is defined as the "ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force." With these definitions, upper body endurance and strength refers to the ability to produce maximal force for an extended period of time Even the most hardcore training methods revolve around simple principles, the main one being; lift heavier weights, get stronger.When you look at a well designed program, you make advances every microcycle (usually every 1-2 weeks.) This is done by either adding weight or reps to the work sets that you did the week or two before.

  • Instructions
      • 1Begin everyday by performing pushups. The standard pushup is an excellent  exercise for your triceps and chest muscles. Determine how many pushups you can  comfortably do in one sitting and then complete that amount each morning for a  single week. In week two, increase that number by five or 10. Continue  increasing the amount of pushups you do each week and you will see just how much  stronger you get by how many pushups you can do without breaking a  sweat.
      • 2Don't forget to spend time working out your triceps. Curls and the bench  press are arguably the two most favored weight lifting exercises for those  hoping to increase upper body  strength. What many people don't know, however, is that stronger biceps can  actually lead to you being able to bench press more weight, which will in turn  lead to more upper body strength. Laying and sitting tricep extensions are very  simple exercises that give your triceps a great workout.

      • 3Perform lifting exercises  for your shoulders. Your biceps, triceps and chest muscles are not the only  parts of your upper body, after all. Broad shoulders are like the finishing  touch on a stronger upper body. Overhead and lateral dumbbell presses are two  easy shoulder exercises you can perform at any gym. A rowing machine is also  great for your shoulders.
      • 4Utilize dumbbells and an inclined, declined and flat bench to perform  different bench press exercises. Varying your bench press lifts with the bench  at different heights gives your entire chest a workou, which, of course, will  improve total upper body strength. When using dumbbells to lift in this way,  simply divide your normal bench press weight by two to determine which weights  to lift. In other words, if your normal bench press weight is 100 pounds, use  two 50-pound dumbbells to complete these exercises. Perform the same amount and  order of reps as you would when doing your normal bench press exercises. A  common weight lifting set is to do 12, 10, 10, increase the weight by five or 10  pounds and then lift 8, 8, and finish with 6 lifts after slightly increasing the  lift once again.
      • 5Use the bar to complete a standard bench press routine using the declined,  inclined and flat bench once again. Do this in the exact same way as you did  with the dumbbells. The difference here is that you will have to keep the bar  steady throughout the routine, which will force you to use your muscles  differently. This will improve your upper body strength. Since you won't be  using a machine for this, though, it's wise to have a spotter as a way to make  sure you're lifting the bar correctly and to avoid  injuri

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