Alternative Litigation Funding – Taking A Deeper Look Into The Concept

Alternative litigation funding - no.. I am not talking about yet another business loan meant to help the capitalists in making more money. I am talking about a relatively new concept that will allow litigants to pay their bills while they manage their pending legal cases. In this article, we will try and understand the different aspects of these loans and how they can help you in managing your finances.

The funding companies extend non-recourse loans to claimants who do not have sufficient funds to take on a legal battle to settle their personal injury cases. These are basically aimed at helping litigants in managing their financial liabilities while their cases are pending. Alternative litigation funding can help them in bearing attorney fees and other expenses needed to keep their legal battles alive. The utility of these loan products is mostly relevant in case of personal injury claims that include any automobile accident, medical or legal malpractice, harassment or discrimination at work, and sexual abuse or rape

The entire process of taking up alternative litigation funding stems from the need that a plaintiff or defendant might feel during the duration of a pending case. Personal injuries might render a person temporarily or sometimes permanently incapable of earning money. This creates a situation where he/she might not even have enough funds to fight a legal battle and win compensation for the damage sustained by him/her. Even if there is no existence of personal injury, maintaining a legal case is a costly affair that can prove to be a huge financial strain on an individual’s pocket. But with these loans, you can ensure that your hopes of winning the case remain alive while you are still able to pay your bills. The idea is to help litigants manage their finances until they receive fair compensation and damages for the injury sustained by them.

You should also understand that there is a high risk element involved in these loans, both for the lender as well as for the borrower. Everything is dependent upon a favourable turn of events that may or may not come about. Winning a case is dependent upon several factors and you need to ensure that you are capable of paying back the loan when the legal battle ends. There might be the case that the duration of the loan went on for so long that the amount to be repaid was only just covered by the compensation received by the litigant. You will understand that that the interest amounts in alternative litigation funding will be subsequently higher than normal loans owing to the larger risks involved for the lender. You have to be ready to bear these costs before you actually take up such a loan.

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