Inventions of the the Industrial Revolution

By: Keegan Hannan

Light Bulb-Thomas Edison

The light bulb was one of the most important inventions of the history of our planet. This Invention revolutionized America because it aloud people to see. Lastly the lightbulb made a better source of light and was safer than candles, if you left a candle sit to long it could tip and cause a fire.

Telephone-Alexander Bell

The telephone revolutionized America, this invention made it 1000x easier to communicate. Made communication faster you used to have to go directly there or write a note to the person, but with the telephone you could directly connect to someone. Lastly telephones saved time and were more efficient.

Type Writer- Chris Scholes

The Type writer was significant to america because it allowed us to supply people with information faster. This created in result more inventions and more educated people because they knew more about the Nation. Lastly Revolutionized business because they were able to create documents and records.

Josephine Cochran- Dishwasher

The first dish washer was a huge part of american history because it made washing dishes a 10min job instead of 2hrs. Also it was a lot more sanitary and caused less deaths by disease and illness. Lastly the dishwasher was very expensive so it wasn't for the normal house hold.

Toilet - Thomas Crapper

The toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper. The Toilet was originally made for going to the bath room and helped sanitation because you could dispose of your waste. Lastly this saved time because you would have to dig a 10 foot hole and poop in it untill it was full un till the toilet.

Steam Engine - Thomas Savery

The steam engine made traveling 10x times faster over water. Also it was ran of water so you could never really run out of fuel due. Lastly the steam engine is still used today and was used in trains and boats.

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