Huge Storm Suggests Jupiter's Temper Tantrum

By Grace Millett

Storm clouds forming above Rome.

ROME, ITALY-Beginning yesterday August 2nd, gray clouds have been rolling into Rome suggesting a huge storm is approaching.  Citizens are saying the gods, mainly Jupiter, king of the sky, are angry with the people of Rome.  

Experts say that this could only be because many families are worshiping their home lares more than the public gods.    Families even invite their slaves to the shrine to pray and worship their personal home spirits, and tend to enjoy this more than traveling to gods' temples to worship their deity. One father of a family states, "My family and I look forward to worshiping our home lare everyday. It brings much joy to us, but not as much to Jupiter."  This and other small acts seem to be setting off a huge temper tantrum in the sky.

To make peace with Jupiter, oracles are tying to negotiate with him by praying to him at the Temple of Jupiter.  Aelia, a citizen of Rome states, " I feel extremely guilty, so my family and I have been traveling to Jupiter's temple to offer him gifts." Hers and other cults are now traveling to this temple to offer him their finest sheep, pigs, and goats.  

Hopefully, Jupiter will calm down because his festival, Vinalia, is coming up on August 19th and could be completely ruined. Until then, citizens of Rome hope for the best.  

Members of a family praying at the shrine to their lares

Caesar Seen Wearing Toga Picta

Statue of person wearing a toga picta.

By Grace Millett

ROME, ITALY -Yesterday, August 2nd, Julius Caesar was seen for the first time wearing a toga picta as he talked to the people of Rome. This purple piece of clothing, embroidered with gold thread, helped show his leadership.  

The toga picta, originally called "toga purpura", was first worn by kings in the early days.  Now, this type of clothing is normally worn during a triumphal parade, but Caesar is willing to change that for himself. Caesar states, "I'm planning on this becoming my regular clothing attire."  Emperors are starting to do the same by wearing this toga on state occasions.  With this change in Caesar's sense of style, citizens wonder what he will do next.


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