English Senior Seminar

Here's My Story

Though I wrote a pretty great paper, and was confident in my topic, I wish I would have utilized the library and their resources more. I made the work harder on myself. I used a lot of books, and hauling them around wasn't fun. I also at the time, knew little about saving my citations from the databases. I hand wrote a lot of my notes.

Organization & Planning

Organization is key (focus on what time you will have and what materials you will need)

Ask yourself what is it that you are trying to say to your readers.

Use your resources : The library (Research Assistance), Write Start (New Writing Service)

Choose Your Topic

Choose something that interests you. This will make it easier to pour out tons of thoughts on the topic.


*Skim the web for information

*Jot down every keyword possible on your topic


----The Work

----Theorists, Philosophers, etc.

----Literary Criticisms

Let's Start Brainstorming...

Jot down any thoughts, phrases, or keywords on your topic...

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