My Ancillary Products: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media conventions?

My media products, both the digipak and magazine advertisement, use the pop music convention of focus on the artist as I use numerous shots of my artist on the digipak and in the magazine advertisement. For the digipak, it was essential to get the artist’s brand identity across; in order to convey this I needed to use consistency. In this way, I ensured that my digipak was conventional by using my research into similar products and my knowledge from my GCSE coursework. This enabled me to use the conventions of a pop genre album cover as well as the consistency of the brand identity of the artist to produce an effective digipak. I tried to use a consistent style through mise-en-scene as this would be a clear sign to the audience of the artist’s image; I did this through the consistent use of costume, in the music video I also used this – this meant that both my ancillary products as well as my music video had a consistent costume thus establishing a clear image for the artist.

I also used a similar editing style on all the photos for my digipak, this was a vignette filter because in my research I saw it used in Gabrielle Aplin’s music video for Panic Cord and I thought it was effective, thus my reasoning for using it in my own coursework. I also used this editing filter on my magazine advertisement as well; this also helped to create consistency in all of my products.

I developed conventions slightly as my magazine advertisement shots are fairly dark, this is slightly atypical of pop music products, however, I thought that this would be more effective with the setting and the idea that the album is called “Love Lessons”, I thought the dark lighting for this shot would contrast the presumably bright lights and bold colours in the magazine and thus stand out it this way. It could be argued that in this way I challenged the conventions of the pop genre in this way, however, as it is only true of one of my products I think it only develops rather than challenged the conventions of the pop genre.

I also developed my conventions in the way that I created linkage in my album digipak, typically it is conventional for the digipak to have a consistent theme however, I took this a step further and used the same setting for each of them. I also decided on the setting of a brick wall as the album is called “Love Lessons” and I thought that this would work most effectively in terms of relating to the album title and seeing as generally the audience of a pop genre album is in or just coming out of education, this would be most relatable. However, this developing of conventions also appeals to a wider audience due to the fact that generally most people have been to school and so can relate to the idea of a lesson and understand the setting used; in this way it is appealing for the audience.

The digipak itself uses similar shots with a variety of poses, this was in order to use the convention of a consistent style but also challenge the conventions slightly by showing different emotions in all the different shots – this was done in orderto demonstrate the emotions brought across through the music on the album. Often, it is known that music is a very personal thing for the artist and in this way I wanted to get across the feelings behind this music and thus use this to make the album relatable to the wide target audience because each of them is likely to have felt these emotions which is why they listen to the music. This is the reasoningbehind using such similar shots, in order to make clear the music and how the audience is able to relate to it, thus making it a more successful product.