Brighton Beach Memoirs By:Daphne montalvo

The Great Depression

Before the great depression the economy was struggling,Lots of people invested on the stock market and that's the way people would pay there low paymentThe bull market didn't last long and it was later closed.People and families will not get any income and it was a little to survive.Even though people had bought big purchases they had to pay a big debt and that somehow made people stop making new purchases and they were scared.And after not a lot of Americans would have for there crops and that was when depression happened hard and affected no crops no food and later children would starve .

colleges in the 1930's

College in the 1930's Nerte hard because boys weren't allowed and if girls got pregnant they were kicked out.They Also Had a curfew at 10pm and if you were caught after that you will be kicked out to.Also three meals a day were provided and they staff of the school will clean your clothes.Tuition for the 1930's was about $250 and those times America was on a big struggle so education was very important for a member of the family to succeed in life so school was a number one thing you needed to do and if you had no degree they wont let you get a job.The School that Eugene will go is Long Island University and there location is University Plaza, Brooklyn, New York 11201and there tuition back then it was about like $375.The gas were 17 cents on the 1930's

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim

  I'm writing these letter because I feel really sorry and I want to apologize of what I did.I know putting the dirt on your shoes was something really wrong to do and I want to be in a good friendship with you as a worker and a boss.

I would not like to be unemployed and not have a job,I have a family of 7 in a apartment and we all have needs and bills to pay.I want to support my family and not let them down always I have been thankful of this job it has supported our family life you wouldn't imagine so please don't let me down and take me out.

I have been a good worker and I had worked really hard to get were I'm really sorry and I hope I don't let you down.


First Perfomance was on Opening night: 5 September 2008 And Closing night: 4January 2009 and it was created by Musical by Dan Elish and Robert Horn and the last show was at BERNARD B JACOBS THEATER New York. And the cast were

Reviews about the book

My reviews about the book Brighton Beach Memoirs book is that its really interesting and fun to read because it shows how Broadway works now and also it shows to people those times of 30's it was hard to have a good family because of all the difficulties they had the great depression and what not... And also it was interesting because it was fun and well written and it makes people wonder what is going to happen next.And even though it was a crazy family and they would all live in there own world they showed even though they would go on thick and thin they still loved each other and care for every single person in the family.

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