Come to Comoros

By Richard T

Lifestyle: Clothing/food

You would need shorts, t-shirt, pants, and sandals or shoes. You might want to bring swimming trunks, because there are a lot of beaches. It gets hot during the day and cold at night. We eat cold leftovers, sweet tea, rice, and local fish. The main source of protein are fried, boiled, or grilled fish.

Holidays, Traditions, and Activies

We give gifts out on holidays. On Islamic holidays we don't eat or drink from morning to dawn and then at night we eat and do activities. Lunar New Year is celebrated by students from religious schools, with their parents and teachers. You can do a lot of actives such as: fishing, swimming, and more.

Government and Country Background

People think the government does not do enough to represent their interests. People think that the government should be responsible for providing thing they need. The government has made promises to combat, but little progress has been made. Africans arrived in the 13th century. Comoros had slaves. After a few months in the office, Ahmed Abdallah, was elected as independence president.

Geography and Maps

Comoros is surrounded by an ocean. Comoros was formed by a hotspot trace of volcanic activity caused by tectonic movements starting almost eight million years ago. Only 12 degrees south of the equator in latitude, the islands have a tropical climate.


They speak Swahili, Arabic, French, and some English. Depending on what school they go to that's what language they speak. French is used for business and government.

Religion and Belefs

Nearly all Comorians are Sunni Muslims. On Friday, all men go to their town's largest mosque for the noon prayer. Many Comorians maintain a belief in good and evil spirits.

Education and schools

Students are responsible for fees, materials, and supplies. Electricity is not always reliable, so students do not often have homework. Parents are usually not involved in their kid's schooling.

Tourist Interest

Men shake hands and men say hi or something to women because men don't touch women in public. They have 7 children per a wife. Comoros is surrounded by ocean so you can swim and hang out with your friends on the beach.

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