Boiler Repair

How to prevent boiler repair and boiler breakdown London

TNC Heating find that boiler repair demand is highest by the start of the winter and boiler breakdown most commonly occur when property owners first turn on their central heating system or boilers after the summer. This usually comes about because the inactive boiler, causes the motorised valves to jamm up and stick. When the boiler is switched on the motor of the diverter valve often burns out trying to open the seized valves.

The easiest way of preventing the boiler breakdown London and making a payout towards the boiler repair cost in this case is to switch your heating on for a few minutes each month which you can set the timer/clock or the programmer to do this automatically. This means that the port valves are in active mode and will prevent them from seizing up.

There are certain combi boilers with one diverter valve for heating and hot water like vaillant and worcester bosch which you don't need to use above method as when you run the hot water tap the boiler would be fired up so the valve will keep operating.

Having your boiler serviced once a year will help to diagnose and repair any problem before they occur into something more. Arranging your boiler service during the summer months will ensure that your boiler is in the best working order Before it's too late; hopefully meaning you will avoid any serious boiler repair during the cold season.

If you would like to book a boiler repair or boiler service from one of our qualified boiler engineers, don't hesitate to call TNC Heating. You can phone us on 02071128800 or send us an email to

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