(6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564)

(AKA: the coolest of the Ninja Turtles)

(Ok, so he wasn't just a Ninja Turtle)

Born in Caprese, Italy

(Near Arezzo, Tuscany)

Worked under the court of Lorenzo de' Medici

(AKA: Lord Farquad w/ a growth spurt)

Made Statue of David

(It's not nudity when it's art)

Painted ceiling of the Sistene Chapel

(Adam... phone home)

(Just kidding)

Had a great influence on sculptors, painters, and architects

(Not to mention teaching children about human anatomy)

Design for St. Peter's Dome inspired many public buildings in Britain & the U.S.

(Quasimodo's summer home)

Described as having a solitary and rough nature

(This explains what happened to the first fifteen chapels)

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