Innovative Mobile Learning Apps


K-12 Students

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What is Edmodo? This app is a very useful social media platform for teachers to use with their students. Edmodo allows teachers to create secure discussion forums for their class to collaborate on projects and assignments. It includes a resources library as well as access to professional learning networks for students and teachers. How can we as educators implement Edmodo? Edmodo can be used to facilitate classroom discussion and would help students who are not comfortable with speaking publicly to display their thoughts and opinions. Teachers can use the student progress tracking system to monitor their pupils.


What is Quizlet? This tool allows teachers to make quizzes to give to students in an online format and can be accessed easily. How can it be used in the classroom? Quizlet can be implemented in the classroom via the creation of quizzes, as well as study tools and games. Teachers can create quizzes or instruct students on how to develop their own flashcards for studying, or create assignments based on the points gathering games and features that Quizlet offers.

Journal Jar

What is Journal Jar? Journal Jar is a wonderful website and app that allows students to create journal entries based on writing prompts.

How we give our students the best exposure to Jungle Jar? Any teacher can use this tool as it easily allows them to develop their anticipatory sets. This is perfect for a quick, at-the-start-of-class activity, as it only requires about 5 to 10 minutes of the class time.


What is Toontastic? This is an app that allows students to collaborate with or to create cartoons for assignments.

How is Toontastic relevant to the classroom? Toontastic gives teachers the ability to create assignment alternatives for students who are better able to express themselves via drawing or art. It allows for another means of expression for students to explore.


What is it Fotobabble? Fotobabble allows students to take photos and tell a story based on said picture.

How Fotobabble be used successfully with students? Teachers can assignstudents to either take a picture or select one and upload it in order to pull out major themes from famous paintings or to re-create scenes from history (or any other subject) with their personal bent. It would be a powerful tool for student engagement as it scratches their creativity itch.

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