Compost Bin

By: Ana Sofia, Kinsey Scoggins, Luke Miller, Shenzhen

Definition: an outdoor container in which garden organic waste is deposited in order to produce decayed organic material called compost.

Reasons we chose a composed bin:

It helps with fruits and vegetables. It's going to be better for the school so they won't have to waste money on buying soil for the Garden of Eden. It's also going to help the school by saving money and making their own organic soil for the garden because soil can be expensive and making our own soil from leftover products is filled with nutrients and it's also cheaper.

What needs to be changed?

We would need a trash can specifically for leftover fruits and vegetables. That trash can would have to be dumped into the bin specifically in the garden for compost. The container would need to make it possible for water to drain and worms to enter and decompose the leftover fruit and vegetables.

Some facts:

- a compost bin uses worms to help decompose the food and make soil.

- it takes about 3-4 months for the worms to decompose everything.

-  don't put anything in the bin except leftover fruit and vegetable scraps.

- it needs to be over a patch of grass or soil

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