• My country name is Panama.
  • The capital of Panama is Panama City.
  • Major language in Panama is spanish.
  • Panama is located in North America.
  • The population is currently 3.864 million, and the life expectancy is 77.37 years.


  • The top 3 Major Landforms in Panama are: Azureo Peninsula, Darien Gap, and Isthmus of Panama.
  • Top 3 Major Cities in Panama are: Panama City, San Miguelito, and Tocumen.


  • The General Seasonal Weather Conditions in Panama is moderate to high humidity.
  • The Average Temperature in Panama is 82°F.


  • The type of government in Panama is Presidential System (Constitutional Republic.)
  • The Major Religions in Panama are Roman Catholic and Evangelical Christian.
  • The top 3 Holiday's in Panama are: Easter, Independence day of Columia, and Mothers Day.
  • Major Sports in Panama are: Basketball, Baseball, Horse racing, Cycling, and Tennis.
  • Popular Food in Panama is: Rice, Flour, Beef, and Corn.

Interesting Facts:

  • Some Native Animals in Panama are: Crocodiles, Armadillos and Pumas.
  • The story behind the Panama Flag: The stars and quarters are said to stand for the rival political parties, and the white for the peace in which they operate. Blue was the colour of the Conservatives, and red the colour of the Liberals.
  • The Mode of Transportation in Panama is fairly well developed. The majority of the trips are done by car while a great part in public transport. The public transportation system is in need of modernization and other improvements.


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