The Telegraph

Invented by Samuel Morse

The question and the product.

The Telegraph was first thought about being developed when Samuel Morse When in the autumn of 1832, while traveling home by ship, he joined a conversation with some scientists who were on board. One of the passengers asked, "Is the velocity of electricity reduced by the length of its conducting wire?" One of the men replied that electricity passes instantly over any known length of wire and noted on Benjamin Franklin's expirements with several miles of wire, in which no appreciable time elapsed between a touch at one end and a spark at the other. This was an idea to help Samuel.

How did it help, how did it not?

Even though the Telegraph revolutionized long distance calls it might've somehow made Americans more distrustful of one another, and placed the country on the high road to civil war.

Life's easier and advancement

Now that people could make long distance phone calls, it helped with a better communication towards one and another, this also benefited us today. As time grew on, the telegraph became more and more advanced eventually leading us to where we stand today with cellular devices called "cellphones." If Samuel Morse never invented this form of communication, who would've?

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