Tegucigalpa Honduras

Where it is:
Honduras is a country in Central America. Its population is 8,249,574 people and has an area of 43,278 miles squared. The president is Juan Orlando Hernandez.
Fun Fact: To drive from my house to Las Vegas,Honduras, it would take 35 hours with no traffic! (1823 miles). good thing i'm flying!

Cities In Honduras (largest to smallest)
Tegucigalpa (capital)
San Pedro Sula
La Ceiba
El Progreso
Las Vegas (my mom lived here)
These are just some cities in Honduras.

The president of honduras is a presidential representative of the democratic republic, meaning the states have no governors and the cities have no mayors, the president it the only “leader”.Money=lempira. They have a money balance of $1,200.They are the 2nd poorest county in central america

Hondurans are very happy and passionate.If a friend visits someone,they are expected to prepare a meal and drinks,even if the guest is uninvited.Mostly women greet each other with a kiss on the cheek or a hug, even if they’ve never met.

Customs continued
Words that are considered rude are:perezoso=lazychucha=dog.

Tortillas (tor-TI-as) ,rice, and beans are very common in Honduras.The baleada (bal-eha-DA) is one of the most common street foods in Honduras.The basic style is made of a flour tortilla which is folded and filled with refried beans,quesillo (cheese) and sour cream.

Spanish is the primary language in Honduras even though english is spoken and other native languages

93% of honduran inhabitants practice a roman religion


Some holidays they have in common with us are:
Some we don’t have in common with them:
Three Wise Men Day
Children's Day

Fun Facts!!!!!

Honduras is famous for its banana sales

Thank God we’ve left these Depths.” (Honduras) -Christopher Colombus

Soccer is the most popular sport in honduras

Soccer is the most popular sport in honduras

They have 500 dollar bill in Honduras!!

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If you have noticed, this is also the background. This beach is called the Roatan Honduras Beach. Its the most famous beach in Honduras for its scuba diving, coral reefs, snorkeling, and zip-lining. 😄 😁

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San Pedro Sula is famous for its architecture, cathedrals, history, and shopping

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2 years ago

Tegucigalpa (where i'm visiting) is famous for its history, cathedrals, architecture, churches, and culture. 😋