Addison Bowman

My state is in the south. The highest point of elevation in Pennsylvania is Mt. Darvis. It's elevation is 3,212. The bordering states are New York, New jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio.The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg is in the southern part of the state. Harrisburg has a population of 49,188. the capital of Harrisburg is Pittsburg and Philadelphia. Pennsylvania's state flower is a mountain laurel and the state bird is a ruffed grouse. Their states motto is, "Virtue liberty and independents". It has been nicknamed the Key Stone state. Some famous people from Pennsylvania are Ronnie Bonner, Eddie Khury, and William Penn. Pennsylvania became a state on Dec 12,1787 , it was 2nd state to join the union. My state has a major river and major lake in it, the Ohio River and Lake Erie. The state mammal it is a white tailed deer and the state dog is a Great Dane. Its state tree it is called an Eastern Hemlock. Something really cool about Pennsylvania is that it has a state fossil that is called a trilobite phacops. The state fossil lived about 540 to 245 million years ago.