Travel Photography

"My Life Through Photos"

My Photography Background

I want to be a travel photographer. A Person who travels the world, and take photos for a living. My main duties would be to take as many photos as I can and post them and my responsibilities would be to make sure it’s something unique.

Photography Information

Photography courses are offered by many universities, community and junior colleges, vocational-technical institutes, and private trade and technical schools. Basic courses in photography cover equipment, processes, and techniques. Learning good business and marketing skills is important and some bachelor's degree programs offer courses focusing on them. Art schools offer useful training in photographic design and composition.

It really depends on the type of course you take. You may choose to take a course with modules spread over time even,

Typical salary - this can vary enormously depending on the type and quality of your work, but a good guide would be 15,000.

The average salary for my job is 30,000. Not as much but come on you got to love what you do!

The employment outlook on this job is people with the passion to take photos all across the world for a living. An is higher than average.

The places you would go, on this job is basically across the world maybe to India, Egypt, Africa, London, New York, Paris, and etc. You go all over the place which is very fun to me!

A photographer uses images to tell a story or record an event. He or she photographs people, places, events and objects. Many photographers specialize in portrait, commercial or scientific photography or photojournalism.

There are really none that are close to similar as this. So that's why I'm pursing this career.

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