The Archduchy of Light

"It was the Light that brought you freedom , so obey it"

Flag of The Archduchy

Flag Symbolism:

  • Red- The Agression and Urgency we went through for the Power to our savior
  • Blue- The Stability our people need to have to maintain Loyalty to their Archduke
  • Orange- The strength our nation has and will forever keep
  • Sun- The Light that protects our people
  • Black circle- The shadow that remains in everyone

Constitution of

The archduchy of light

Article I

The name of this country will be The archduchy of light.

Article II

The purpose of this country is to provide greatness to its fellow citizens, strive with success, and shine with all its glory. Give what is best in our eyes to those who follow and stay loyal to the Commonwealth.

Article III

The citizens are not to question any given law that is set up or go behind the organization. A family of three will be able to live in the same household, yet when the child is eight, they are to separate and

never keep in contact again. Citizens are to respond to all commands and will be executed if done elsewise. Jobs are selected to each individual and will stay with them until the day they are gone.

Article IV

The person in charge of this country will be The Archduke. Fascist Democracy will forever be the form of government. The citizens are only able to elect their leaders (men) from the family of the Commonwealth who are members of the party. They will stay in office for the duration of 50 years and have a special ceremony for the passing of power. To show that the government is not corrupt, frequent appearances at public charities will occur and a random family will be gifted with a few riches every 3 years.

Article V

The responsibilities of the government is to maintain stability, peace,strength and dominance. While the job of the people is to keep the military strong to defend the nation and become powerful as a whole.

Article VI

  1. No communication to the outside world Penalty for breaking law is friendly immolation
  2. Work day by day forever
  3. Minimum children 2
  4. trackers that need to stay on
  5. The only worship is christianity
  6. Go to church once every Monday
  7. Every non-commonwealth man has to be in the army
  8. Constant drafts that need to be accepted
  9. No guns outside of armory’s
  10. Stability needs to be maintained

Article VII

The education system is held by the loyal members of the commonwealth only because we are the only ones that can achieve total knowledge. The “common man” can't understand what knowledge is so we help them stay simple. The great education of course could be accessed by any citizen but non-commonwealth members will be charged with a reasonable sanction of 1,000,000,000,000 credits because of the immense adaption that the rest of the students will have to make. No one except commonwealth members are required to be educated.

Article VIII

The Symbol of the Archduchy of Light is the sun of purity surrounded by the darkness which is the in the soul of the people, behind there are three colors, red symbolizing the power that needs to be there to control the naive, blue symbolizing the stability that the Archduke of our country has achieved and orange which is the strength our glorious nation holds.

Article IX

The Archduke The soon to be liberator of the World

Our Savior The ArchDuke

The powers of the archduke are that he is known to have the best aim in the entire archduchy. he also is known to be the perfect man that everyone desires. He has won the nicest person award, but what makes him truly significant is that he is the brother of Jesus Christ. He will be our new savior.

The Story of our Savior

In around the 15 hundreds the Holy Roman empire fell and with its fall it split up into multiple different countries all of them weak except our glorious ancestors called the Hanovers. They were led by one man the archduke a man that is immortal and still leads our nation today. Out of a small nation he made our glorious archduchy of light, of course the archduke is not of peasant birth he is the son of god. Which makes him the only man that can truly redeem the sins of all of us with the power of the light by his side no one will ever kill him. This is only a minor part of his powers, but some shall not be named for the safety for the mighty archduke himself but what our History books tell us is that he brought peace to Europe by slowly liberating the weaker nations of the empire. Finally he was strong enough to take on the cocky man that called himself Alexander of Austria the Emperor of all, the battles were long but with the archduke in the front rows the enemy military crumbled and deserted out of fear and with the fall of the only nation in europe strong enough to fight the light the archduke could liberate and free the rest of europe, north africa, and half of asia. This made the archduke the mightiest man on earth no one in this universe ever will be strong enough to beat him. His cause mighty, his ancestry eternal and his strength unbeaten. The archduke his truly a divine ruler and anyone who doesn't think so is a fool and he shall feel the wrath of the entire country. Only 4 countries remaining only one powerful only one shall stand and that is the archduchy of light.

Our Mighty Archduke

Oh, The great and powerful God named Archduke

Saved our dying people, giving us our air to breathe

Our Savior and soon to be ruler of the world,

repaid nothing but our endless gratitude.

Oh, The courageous and honorable Lord

Saved our people with his bravery and succeeded to give us his strength,

all will bow down to his riotousness, nothing shall be spoken of

but our great god.

Pain is repaid for those who don't obey,

to equal the pain he went through to gain our love.

Soon all will be led into the his light passed the shadows

with both powerful hands.

Oh, loving and selfless Archduke,

may you see our gratitude.

We repay you our strength and own air,

as you continue to lead this path of power.

Propaganda Posters

The Chamber of Grief

The chamber of grief is the only place a outsider or a disobedient member can become a part of the earth. the only true way of rehabilitation is for a person to see “the light”, but of course we need to help people see the light in many different ways these ways might need a little adjusting towards but they are easily getting used to because most of the time a member only needs to get through them once. This is the kindness the archduke gives to his enemies there won't be too much suffering for both sides because it hurts the commonwealth to make someone suffer, but if it is the best for our people we shall. There are many varieties in these methods of course we use the ones that do not inflict a lot of pain. these are some of them. The blood eagle which only a threat but if it gets used we cut the skin of the grief member by the spine, break the ribs so they resembled blood-stained wings, and pull the lungs out through the wounds in the victim's back, another one is the tub known as the punishment of ‘sitting in the tub, the grief member would be placed in a wooden tub with only their head sticking out. After that, the commonwealth department of distress would paint their faces with milk and honey than flies would begin to feed on them but of course the grief members were not treated too badly because they get fed regularly. All of these methods are brutal in their own ways, but we make sure that the distress department does it in a humane and honourable way. Of course there are more methods but they are only used for rebellion members and war prisoners. So if you are part of the archduchy of light and you disobey you don't have to worry because this is the quickest way to see “the light” out of all the methods used in the distress department.

Ashley Alfaro, Dahlia Perez, and Ace *last name*

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