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Patentable Ideas for anyone

Ideas for products, businesses, gadgets, gimmicks and philosophical quandary's, that have not been patented yet. In this book you will find 100's of ideas I've had that you could adopt as your own. If you like you could even make millions from such labour saving devices as "The Clipon Endoscope, The Novel Ring Tone, or even The Fly Flap system" itself. What I offer you in this book is the kernel of the idea and a brief outline of what it might look like, how it could work or where you might use it. The rest of the money making caper, like funding, marketing, patenting and all the real stuff that costs money would be up to you. The only guarantee I can give you is you might get a few laughs along the way. Finally, remember what Richard Branson said; "Business opportunities are like busses, there's always another one coming. So keep turning the pages, there's always another one.

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