Civil Rights Map

1954: Brown v. Board of Education

a. The Supreme Court declared state laws separating public schools to be unconstitutional.

b. The Supreme Court was involved.

c. This sparked the civil rights movement.

1954-1956: Boycott of Segregated Bus System

a. African Americans refused to ride buses to protest against segregated seating.

b. African Americans were involved.

c. This was the first major demonstration against segregation in the U.S. and the Supreme Court Montgomery to change its bus system.

1957: Integration of Central High School

a. Nine black students were enrolled at an all-white Central High School and the governor of Arkansas called in the state National Guard to keep the black students from entering the school. On September 25, President Eisenhower sent in federal troops to escort them to class.

b. The nine black students, students at Central High, Governor Orval Faubus, President Eisenhower, federal troops, and the Arkansas National Guard were involved.

c. This event tested a 1954 Supreme Court Ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

1960: First Lunch Counter Sit-In

a. Young African-American students sat at a lunch counter as a nonviolent protest.

b. African-Americans were involved.

c. It was nonviolent and spread through college towns and eventually forced the towns to change their segregation laws.

1961: Black Students and Civil Rights Workers Sit In White Section of Bus Station

a. Civil rights workers and black students sat in the white only section of the bus station.

b. Civil rights workers and black students were involved.

c. This protest tried to eliminate a segregation in daily life.

1962: Integration of the University of Mississippi

a. James Meredith attempted to enroll at the University of Mississippi and a riot broke out on Ole Miss campus.

b. James Meredith and Americans were involved.

c. He applied repeatedly at Ole Miss without success while other African-Americans were admitted to other white colleges. He eventually filed a lawsuit against the university for racial discrimination with the Supreme Court ruling in his favor.

1963: Murder of NAACP Leader Medgar Evers

a. Medgar Evers was assassinated on June 12 by Byron De La Beckwith after pulling into his driveway.

b. Medgar Evers and Byron De La Beckwith were involved.

c. He was a civil rights and NAACP leader.

1963: March on Washington

a. On August 28, more than 200,000 Americans marched to Washington D.C. to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech.

b. Martin Luther King Jr. and Americans were involved.

c. Many people were there to hear Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech demanding for blacks to have equal rights as whites.

1964: Murder of Three Civil Right Workers

a. Three civil rights workers went to investigate the burning of a church in Neshoba. They were captured, jailed, and let go on bail by Deputy Price and were murdered by the KKK. Their bodies were buried after.

b. Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, the KKK, and Deputy Price were involved.

c. They were helping organize civil rights efforts on behalf of the Congress of Racial Equality.

1964: Four Girls Killed In Bombing of Church

a. Four young girls were killed after a bomb went off during Sunday morning services.

b. The four young girls and the KKK were involved.

c. The bombing was the third one in eleven days and four young girls were killed.

1965: March For Voting Rights to Montgomery

a. Protesters marched for three days from Selma to Montgomery to register black voters in the South.

b. Martin Luther King Jr. and protesters were involved.

c. This march helped raise awareness of the difficulty the blacks faced for voting and the Voting Rights Acts was passed

1968: Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

a. On April 4, James Earl Ray assassinated martin Luther King Jr. with a sniper while he was standing on his balcony.

b. Martin Luther King Jr., African-Americans, and James Earl Ray.

c. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader and millions of people believed in him.

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