Hello, my name is Mia Keliikoa

I'm hawiian,mexican,and white.I currently live in Texas,I go to boles jr high

I spend my time in school ,passing classes ,being in band ,playing the flute,and playing in tennis

I go to Rushcreek church.I love learning about god,my main goal in life is to spread the word.I'm not afraid to share my faith in God.

I love watching anime,christian movies

Me an my siblings ❤️

My sister Alex is the oldest,I'm the middle child an my little brother Jacob is the youngest ❤️

I'm in the Boles jr High Band  

I play the flute in our top band, symphonic. I adore being in band,playing music is what I do best .🎶

I go to Rush Creek Church

I love learning about god,it's my passion

Me an my Besties 😂

I love my friends they're true blessings from God